5 gallon Albany Slip beehive jug


Al,  I attended a class reunion in comfrey and spoke with tom seller who was kind enough to direct my questions to you. I have an Albany slip jug in what I would consider mint condition in color, glazing with No chips.   It has no markings except for what looks like a “six”.  But probably a five. I would like it verified as red wing along with an appraisal as it no longer fits my decor I would like to sell it and tom said you would greatly help me.    Richard


Richard, your Albany slip 5 (yes it is a 5 gallon) beehive jug looks to be Red Wing.  The spout, back of the handle & glaze all looks right.   Not being signed the value is between $200 & $300.  If the glaze is complete and no damage, I would aim for the higher value.   Al Kohlman