10 gallon water cooler with fount and 20 gallon Red Wing Crock



I am trying to find out more about a Red Wing Union water cooler for my Dad. We would like to find out how old it is and what it’s value is before we attempt to sell it. It has a 10 gallon crock on the top w/ what appears to be a 2″ red wing. The 10 gallon crock has a lid. But I do not know if it is the original lid. There is another crock on the bottom of the stand that is 2 gallons with a 4″ red wing. The stand is black metal. I would also like to know the best way to clean the stoneware and the stand it sits on. Thank you in advance for your help!



Cathy, you have a Red Wing 10 gallon Water Cooler that was produced between 1936 & 1947.  If the water cooler is in perfect condition (without the lid), the value is between $400 & $425.  Now the lid does not look to be the correct lid.  It would have the same blue lines and embossed petals on the lid to be a Red Wing water cooler lid.  If there are no petals, the lid is not Red Wing.  If there are petals embossed in the top of the button lid, it would be Red Wing and the value would be around $200.  Now if there is an damage such as hairlines, cracks or chips, those values can drop to half in a heart beat.

The 2 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition is value in the area of $60 or so and was produced between 1915 to 1930.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman