12 gallon Red Wing crock



These pieces were left by the former owners when my parents purchased their home in the early 1960s. They are rather dirty right now as we just ‘unearthed’ them and took the photos, but in good condition – no cracks inside or outside. My brother decided to investigate Red Wing and we found your website and here we are, asking you for the value of each piece, particularly the smaller piece with what appears to be a swirly 8. The larger piece has handles that you can’t see well from the photo and I understand the handles were patented in the 1910s.




Joanna, your 12 gallon Red Wing crock in perfect condition would have a value in the neighborhood of $100 to $125 when all cleaned up.  The patented date for the handles was Dec 21st, 1915,  so you were fairly close.  Your second piece is a 3 gallon salt glazed crock.  It is not Red Wing.  Not being Red Wing, I just have no idea of history or value.  Still a cute piece.  Al Kohlman