Rooster pitcher, Chevron pattern


Could you please tell me about this lovely rooster pitcher?  Is it Redwing?
When was it made? What was it called?  Any info would be appreciated!  Thank
you in advance.



The Rooster pitcher is definitely Red Wing.  It is from the Chevron dinnerware pattern, one of four patterns in Red Wing’s extensive Gypsy Trail line.  A colorful but undated brochure believed to be from 1937 introduced the Chevron pattern.  This brochure describes your pitcher as a “cocktail jug” and it came with a wooden dasher (stir stick) which is nearly impossible to find today.  Matching 4oz cups with rooster handles were also available.  Cups and the jug were available individually or as a “Cocktail Set”.  Cocktail Sets were sold as a service for 4 or 8 and consisted of a cocktail jug with dasher and either four or eight cups and 8″ Chevron plates.  It is not known how long these cocktail items were produced, but Gypsy Trail catalogs dated 1940 and later do not include them.  The brochure lists blue, orange and ivory as the available colors but we have seen the jug in a variety of colors besides these three, including varying shades of pink and yellow.

The Rooster cocktail jug is popular with collectors.  It is considered scarce but not rare.  Value for a cocktail jug in excellent condition is around $150.


PS:  I’ve attached two photos.  One shows an orange jug with cups; the other shows a light blue jug with the wooden dasher.