Town & Country mustard pot


I am wondering what the retail value is for a town and country mustard pot without the spoon. Mint condition, original green chartreuse glaze, and no crazing. I believe this shape was not meant to be available in this color, maybe that makes it more valuable?


A Town & Country mustard pot without its spoon would be worth perhaps $25.  The spoon is more difficult to find than the pot and thus more valuable.  Of course a complete set with all pieces (including the small plug for the end of the spoon) has the most value.

The mustard pot was produced in two shades of chartreuse.  Initially it was available in the pale Town & Country chartreuse.  In 1951 Informal Supper Service was introduced.  This was a line that included the Festive and Patio supper trays as well as several shapes “borrowed” from Town & Country.  The mustard pot and spoon were among those T&C items.  Informal Supper Service pieces were glazed in one of the four colors used with the Quartette pattern (Concord line), which was also introduced in 1951.  The four colors were Mulberry, Ming Green, Copper Glow and Chartreuse.

Thus your mustard pot could be either Town & Country chartreuse or Concord chartreuse, which is considerably darker than the pale T&C chartreuse.  Concord chartreuse may add a few dollars to the value of your mustard pot, but again the spoon alone has considerably more value than the pot alone.