2 gallon Red Wing Churn, spider crack



I have searched your website and learned a lot about the different stoneware and the history.  It’s been a journey.

I have a friend who has had a stroke and is asking me to help her liquidate her treasures.  I have attached photos of her 2 Gallon Redwing Churn that has a 4” Redwing with the Union stamp.  There are a couple of what I hope are the crazing cracks?  one outside and one inside.  There is no lid with this.  I could not find a churn close enough to this one to assign a sale value. Thank you and keep up the great public service you all provide.



Laurie, your Red Wing butter churn with the large spider crack in the side would have a value in the area of $50 to $75.   Collectors are looking for perfect pieces and with the spider and the spider in the front, the value just falls when there are a number of prefect 2 gallon churns out there for sale that are perfect.   Still a cute churn.  Al Kohlman