Golden Viking Dinnerware pattern


I was wondering if you can tell me how much these pieces from a set of Redwing Dinnerware – Golden Viking pattern 1956 – is worth.

9 Saucers – 4 excellent condition and 5 w/small chips
5 Cups – 3 cup excellent and 2 w/small chips
1 Butter Dish w/lid (dish is chipped)
6 Bowls – Excellent condition
1 Coffee Carafe w/lid – Excellent condition
1 Relish Dish – Excellent condition
1 Platter – Excellent condition
1 Oval Bowl – Excellent condition
4 8.5″ Plates -3 are excellent and 1 has a small chip

Would you know of any collectors that may be interested in purchasing any orf these pieces?

Thank You! Dan

Answer: Dan

Values for items shown in the photo:
Cups – These cups were not made by Red Wing and are not part of the Golden Viking pattern.
Saucers – $5-10 each
Butter Dish w/lid – $40
Sauce Bowls – $5-10 each
Coffee Carafe w/lid – $70-80
Relish Dish – $20-25
Platter – $20-25
Oval Veg Bowl – $20-25 each
8.5″ Plates – $5-10

These values are for items in excellent condition.  I do not assign dollar values to damaged items unless I have a clear image of the flaw.   Any damage will reduce the value significantly, generally by 25 to 75% depending on the extent and location of the damage.