Red Wing 1 gallon crock with the 4 inch wing

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I have a one gallon large wing crock similar to one you commented on earlier in April.  My crock however is slightly out of round at the lip…about 3/8 wider on one axis than the other. Would that affect the value? I also see some short brown lines inside that could? be cracks, but since they are only 1 or 2 inches long and don’t appear on the exterior, I’m tempted to think they are firing flaws? How about other production flaws like pops and ripples, are they a factor? Forgive me, I really know nothing about crocks and how to grade them. I’ve sold this one twice on ebay for $500, both times to people that never intended to pay. Just want to know a fair price and description.




Mike, your Red Wing 1 gallon crock with the 4 inch wing looks quite nice. From the photo, those short brown lines are from the potter when he was smoothing the clay.  These do not affect the value.  3/8″ out of round will haved miminual price affect.  Air pops depending on how large and where they are at can have an affect on price.  Appearance, detail & darkness all affect value.  From what I can see here, yours has a value between $400 & $425.  Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman