4 gallon rib-cage salt glazed crock



Anthony, the 4 gallon crock with the lazy 8 decoration that was side stamped has a greater value because of the stamp.  Salt glazed pieces were stacked in the large Kilns while the clay was too wet to be stamped.   Once the clay dried to the point when it could be stamped with out damaging the clay. only those pieces that could be reached were stamped.  Less than 20 to 30 percent of the pieces were stamped.  Finding a stamped piece of Red Wing Salt glaze is much more difficult than an unsigned piece and therefore demands a higher value.  Your 4 gallon rib- cage would have a value around $250 where a size stamped 4 gallon rib cage could fetch you $800 if in perfect condition, with good marking.  Al Kohlman