50 gallon crock has an Albany slip interior

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Here are photos of my crock hope I can find how much its is worth and maybe a good home in my basement and so large and heavy that I would rather it go to someone who appreciates such a large piece of ceramics. There is no lid however.


David, your Red Wing 50 gallon crock has an Albany slip interior.  This is the first one I have seen with this interior which tells me it is a very early piece.  The one concern I have is that there is a wire just under the rim.  That usually means that there is a crack or hairline in the crock and the wire was added to stop that hairline crack from spreading..  So here is the deal.  If your 50 gallon is in perfect condition, the value with the Albany slip interior would  be between $2000 & $2500 today.  If there is a hairline crack, even a tight one, that value would go down to half.  Hope this was helpful.  Al Kohlman