Minnesota Centennial Trivet, bisque


I have a question about an unglazed MN Centennial trivet.  I would like to know what the story might be behind it not being glazed.  Please let me know what you can find out from the tremendous resources of our experts


Trivet Collector response

$45 with stains to $60 without;  uncommon, but not rare.  Regular trivets except in red go for $25 to $40 at auction.  Any chips drops the price 60%.

When we did the trivet as a Special Commemorative, I was told by a former factory worker they did many in bisque for the Red Wing store which allowed people to glaze them as they saw fit (for the schools?).  Of the 500 molds I’ve seen from the 1960s, I have not seen this mold in existence.    The two I have weigh correctly, so I believe the story I heard.  So, looking at the picture, I believe it is the real deal.  Don’t you love the ore boat in the center!