Minnesota bottom signed bail handle bowl and Bean Pot with ND advertising


I have long had an interest in Red Wing crockery and have been getting my hubby hooked on my hobby as well…

Many years ago I found this bean pot with an advertisement from my hometown. I am just curious if this you could tell me a possible value and whether this one is fairly rare, as I have only seen one other in my lifetime.  Near perfect condition. No lid.

Recently my mom found the stoneware bowl and my hubby and I have searched the internet for more information on it to no avail. Any history and value on this item would be appreciated.  It is 12″ across the top and 6″ across the bottom. The handle is wire with wood handle. No cracks, lines or chips.

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge for us all!

Dave and Lori



Lori Ann, The  Minnesota bottom signed bailed handle bowl is a beauty.  Value on it is between $70 & $80.  The ND adv Red Wing bean pot without the lid $75 to $85.  Al Kohlman