Saffron ware cookie jar


I have been trying to find info out about this piece, but can’t find anything, or am not looking for the right thing. My dad had this and thought it was his grandma’s or great grandma’s. On the bottom is is stamped in blue Red Wing Saffron Ware. It stands about 7 1/4″ high. It is in excellent shape. There are no chips or cracks. It is a yellow/gold color with 3 cobalt blue stripes around the middle. I am assuming that it is pretty old.

Thank you for your time! Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Judy, you have a Red Wing Saffron cookie jar.  I don’ know if it has a lid, but comes with one.  The value is somewhat low.  Maybe $40 to $50 or so with the lid.   Al Kohlman