12 gallon Red Wing Birch leaf crock


Hello Al, Thank You for this great site!!! Wow this is really some neat items. I can see how you can get hooked on it!

I recently acquired the attached 12 gal. crock for 70.00 at an estate sale. It does not appear to have any cracks or crazing. It does have 1 small chip-hole that seems to be there from when it was fired. I am wondering how I did on this?

Also I am thinking of purchasing a 4 gal. Ice water crock as pictured and wondered what a fair value would be?

Thanks again in advance for your wonderful insights.



Tim, you did well on the 12 gallon Red Wing Birch leaf crock.  With just a minor air bubble pop, the value is around $150.  The 4 gallon Birch leaf Ice Water in perfect condition  $800 to $1000.  Al Kohlman