Red Wing Water Cooler, spigot hole in back



I have what I think is a 4 gallon Red Wing Water Cooler, but it does not say Water Cooler and the spigot hole is on the back side.  It is in perfect condition and has a cobalt 4 on the inside.  So do you think its a water cooler that a mistake was made on or is it something else.  The lid came with it and I would like to know if its a Red Wing lid and what its for. Maybe your opinion on value too.

Thank you very much.



Craig, you have the early Red Wing Water Cooler.  Without the word Water Cooler, it could have been a special order is what I think.  The lid is not a Red Wing lid.  The correct lid would be a button water cooler lid which would have the same type of stripes on it with a molded form of daisy petals surrounding the button handle of the lid.  If your cooler has no damage, I would place the value between $400 & $550.   I realize this is quite a spread, however, your cooler is quite unique which could very well increase its value to the right collector.  Al Kohlman