Red Wing Success Filter, top portion

Question: Hello,

We picked this fabulous piece up at an antique store in Tucson, Arizona, and are wondering what it’s worth.  We believe it is the middle piece of a 10-gallon hotel-sized Success Filter.  It has a 15″ diameter and stands almost 17″ tall.  It has no cracks or chips.  The instructions to clean the filter blocks on the back of the piece are very legible.  We think we found a real gem and hope you can confirm.

Many thanks,



Michael, you do indeed have a part of a Red Wing Success Filter.  It is the top.  A complete Success Filter will have a bottom, top & lid. Most of these Success filters you see are 4 gallons.  The tough part of this one is finding the matching bottom.   Value on just your top is $275 to $300.  When you have a completed Success Filter, they are quite impressive.  Nice find.  Al Kohlman