5 gallon Red Wing beehive jug


I’ve had this Red Wing Beehive 5 Gal Jug for a few years now.  I was told when I had bought it that it was in Frank McCormick’s private collection until he passed, and then remained in his family until I acquired it.  I was able to find one of his signatures on a Gophers baseball card that had been authenticated, and it matches the signature that is on the tag on the jug. It appears to be in perfect condition, no cracks or chips anywhere, it appears to be in new / mint condition.  There is no makers mark either on the front or bottom. As I understand it was produced between 1895 and 1917?  I’m trying to figure a value on the piece, my best estimate is between $300 and $500, but I am wondering if the provenance of it being owned by Frank McCormick adds any value??

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Nick, the value on this 5 gallon Red Wing beehive jug is between $300 & $350.   It would have a higher value if it had an oval..   As far as  Frank McCormick’s  goes, a collector would not pay a higher value just for the fact it was in his collection.  If he had signed the piece before it was glazed, then that would be a different story.   Plus you would have to have everything authenticated, which it is not.    Hope this helps.   Al Kohlman