Cleaning grease stains


I came across your informative article on cleaning dinnerware,etc.
I have a Redwing Chef Pierre cookie jar that looks like it may have had grease stored in the bottom—so there is browning.
Do you think the 40% peroxide would work on this? What about the hot water in a dishwasher?
Any advice appreciated!


The greasy stains at the bottom of the Chef cookie jar are most likely the result of being used for its intended purpose, storing cookies.  Cookies contain oils and fats, and the glaze on these jars were often susceptible to penetration by grease from the cookies.  Such stains are very common.

I doubt that hot water or a run through a dishwasher would be of much help in removing these stains.  Water and oil don’t mix, so water won’t displace the grease that is present under the glaze.  While I have not used hydrogen peroxide to clean a Chef cookie jar, I have used it to successfully clean other stained Red Wing items made in same era with similar glazes. No guarantees of course, but I am confident the cleaning process described in my article will improve the appearance of your jar.  Good luck!