4 gallon elephant ear with a pale green color


I bought this  4 gallon elephant ear crock at an estate sale. As you can see it is pale green, which is unusual to me. I showed it to a Redwing dealer here in Minnesota and he had never seen one.  It is the original glaze .  He thought the color may have occured when they change  from a  salt  to a zinc glaze? I was wondering if you have ever seen another one and had any more info on it.  Thank you!


Answer: Ann, I have seen some of these Elephant Ear crocks with a tint of green to the glaze.  I tend to agree with your Red Wing dealer that is most likely a carry over of a bit of salt glaze to the zinc glazed era.   I am sure it is one of the very early Elephant Ear
pieces.   Hope this was of some help.  Al Kohlman