Collection of crocks: 15, 4, 3, 2, 10, 6


We where recently given some crocks as a donation (to be sold) and we are wondering if someone can help us assessing a good sale price for them?

As you can see in the picture we have 6 crocks total and here is a little about each one:

2 Gal = in good shape

2 Gal lids = a few small chips
3 Gal = some small chips
4 Gal = in good shape

4 Gal lid = cracked and looks to have been glued
(very good job though)

6 Gal = a number of crocks in one place on the base
(visible in the picture)

10 Gal = in good shape

10 Gal lid = one dime sized chip on edge

15 Gal = in good shape

15 Gal lid = one 6″ hair line crack on the lid
and chip near the handle

FYI the ones in good shape have no easily apparent chips or cracks

I think they all have original handles as well

Any help you can give on a good sale price for these will help us with the fundraiser we are selling these at.  Does selling a crock and the appropriate sized lid raise the overall pricing versus selling them separately?

Thank you greatly for your time and have great day!!!!!!



Brent, your 2 gallon Red Wing crock with small wing, $50 to $60.  The 2 gallon Red Wing lids with small chips, $75 each. The 3 gallon crock with 4″ wing & small chips.  $75.  4 gallon small wing crock $75 to $80.  4 gallon lid that was cracked and glued together, $20.  6 gallon small wing crock with a number of cracks, $30 to $35.  10 gallon small wing crock $75 to $100 at best.   10 gal crock lid with dime side chip on lid,  $100.  $15 gallon 4 inch wing crock $150. 15 gallon lid with hairline crack & chip near handle.  $50 to $75.  Brent it is always better to sell the lids separate from the crocks.  Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman