Red Wing: 7 inch cap bowl, Packing Jar, and Applie Sauce Jar


I recently acquired 3 interesting pieces of crock ware from my mothers house.  She became ill last Feb. and recently moved her into an apartment.   While cleaning out the house to get ready to sell, I came upon these cool items.  I’m not concerned about value, but would like to know some history and age of them.    The first picture is all three.     The 2nd picture is oven ware that is approx. 7” in diameter and 4” tall.   3rd picture is the bottom of it.       I honestly don’t know what to call the 2nd item.  In picture 4 it measures 10” diameter, and 13 1/2 “ tall.   The fifth picture is a close-up of print on it.        The 3rd and final item look like a miniature of the 2nd item.   In picture 6 you’ll see there are no markings on it at all.  And in picture 7 shows the bottom of it.     I’ve looked all over the web and found the crock ware but no info on it.    Thank you in advance for your help.



Mark & Mary, your first item is a sponged 7 inch Red Wing cap bowl.  These bowls were produced in the 1930’s.  Your second item with the red wing is a packing jar or also called an apple sauce jar.  It was produced for canning and made in the teens and through the 1930’s. The packing jar came in 5, 3 & 2 gallon sizes.  Your packing jar is missing it’s lid and the hardware to seal the lid.   Your last bottom signed item is a preserve or snuff jar.  Again also used for canning or storing snuff.  These were produced in the 1920’s.  It also came with a lid and was produced in 1 gal, 1/2 gal & 1 qt sizes.  Hope this is what you are looking for.  Al Kohlman