Red Wing Brushed Ware Vase, dumpster find

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Dear Experts,

I found this item in our local dump and hope to sell it to a discerning collector who
appreciates it. What can you tell me about its production and current value?
Catalog listing?  It is 7 1/2″ high, 5″ wide and quite hefty.  The base is slightly rounded. Note the RWU mark is round, not oval.  I have been unable to ascertain much about it except that I believe its Brushware from the late 1920s. There is simply no better vase for golden, dried flowers or grain than this one, bar none, because it can support the weight. Please also let me know if you think of someone who would be interested in purchasing it from me for a fair price. Thank you for your time.



this is a brushware vase, made by RedWing, circa 1930.  It looks to be painted,
but that can be removed.  Value is around 70.00 or so.  interesting find…

thanks, steve n rose