Red Wing water cooler


My fall trip this year included a trip to the Pottery Place (again), the gift store with the potters, & my first visit to the museum…what a treasure all that was to see! Between that & the antique stores there, I’ve never seen so many Red Wing things in one place EVER!!! …..Oh to be independantly wealthy!

Can’t wait to see the new location…any idea when it will be open?

Attached is my newest RW addition. Whatever you can tell me about it would be delightful. Any idea on age?

I look forward to hearing from you, & thanks again for your gracious time & help :)

Warm Regards, Connie


Connie, your Red Wing water cooler is the earliest of the water coolers.  Sometime between 1917 & 1920 or so.  It has the correct lid, but someone drilled a hole in the button which really hurts it’s value.  The size of this water cooler will be stenciled inside bottom of this cooler.  If the cooler is perfect it has a value around $500.  The lid,, maybe $150.  If there was no hole.  $500 to $700.  Al Kohlman