4 gallon birch leaf and 4 gallon red wing beehive


Here are two 4 gallon Red Wings I purchased. The 4 gallon birch leaf Red Wing is bottom signed.It has a chip on the lip which is pictured below. The second Red Wing is a beehive 4 gallon with a Red Wing and a dot dash dot Red Wing oval stamp. The glazing on this one came with a manufacturing imperfection. I’m not sure if this affects the value. I will send along another email with more pics right now. I want to know what their value is. I paid $100 for the birch leaf and $300 for the beehive.

Thanks so much for your time!




Maelea, what you paid for each Red Wing jug is just about what they are worth.  The glaze on the 4 gallon birch leave beehive does affect it’s value as does the chip on the spout of the  4 gallon birchleaf shoulder jug.   Al Kohlman