5 gal. beehive jug


I came into possession of a 5 gal. beehive jug that is going to be used to replicate the Little Brown Jug football trophy that spends time in the University of Michigan or Minnesota trophy case, depending on the year. I’d like to make sure that the jug I have is not inordinately valuable. I understand the history and collectible nature of Red Wing pieces and I realize that painting any such piece might be cause to shudder, but want to make sure that painting this particular jug wouldn’t be a catastrophe. To be more precise, I want to be sure that this jug isn’t especially rare or valuable.

It’s in great shape. Apart from a little dirt, the defect I can find is a chip where the handle meets the spout. There’s a light spot on the edge of the base that seems to be a high/low spot that simply has less dirt on it. There are no cracks to be found.

Also, did Red Wing provide corks or stoppers in their jugs? When I found this, I was told the stopper was original. Could that be true?

Thanks for any help.


Martin, Red Wing beehive jugs are a little soft currently.  With the small chip by the spout, the value would be $200 at best.  Also, the Red Wing Stoneware Company did not produce or sell corks.  This was an item that you would have purchased at your hardware store.  Hope this information was helpful.  Al Kohlman