Set of Crocks and beater jars

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I have several old Red Wing crocks, all in very good condition with no
cracks.The smallest is for whipping cream.The next size has a “1” on the daisy cover but no marks on the crock itself One is marked 2; the other marked 3 – both with covers with the flower pattern on the covers. The biggest one is a 6.   No cover but with handles.  I use this one for a silk plant!

Two pictures attached.  Can you tell me what these were probably used for and
their probable age?  I remember my mother making pickles in #6.  Also, what is their value?

Finally, what do people use them for today?

Thanks. Kathy



Kathy, lets start by breaking down the pieces you have.   If all are in perfect condition than here are the approximate values.   The 6 gallon Red Wing crock has a value between $90 & $100.  The 3 gallon crock $70 to $75.  The 3 gallon lid, $125 to
$135.  2 gallon crock $60 to $70,  2 gallon lid $125, One gallon crock $25 to $30 & 1 gallon crock lid $90 to $100. The Red Wing beater jar $80. All of these crocks were used for canning or food storage.  Today, some are used for canning and others basically display and collections.   Hope this is helpful.  Al Kohlman