5 gallon churn with wire handles

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I have a 5 gallon churn with wire handles, very similar to the 4 gallon in the photo below (I don’t have a good all in one photo of mine).  I also include what photos I have of mine.

I have been unable to find a photo and or price on line for an exact match.  I see plenty of 4 gallon or smaller, and a few 5 gallon churns without handles, but not one like mine.

There is no lid however the churn itself is in excellent condition with no cracks.

Can you give me a ball park figure on value?





Ron, you do not see as many Red Wing churns with the wire
handles as you do without.  However, there are not very many collectors
that I know of who go after the wire handle churns versus the no wire handle
churns and therefore the value is about the same.  Value as I see it in
todays market.   $150 to $200.   Al Kohlman