Red Wing 271 console bowl

Question: Please give me information on the  Redwing console pictured here.  It has no impressed “Redwing” on the bottom.   The only identification is a
blue and white label on the bottom about 1″ square with – Red Wing   Shape 271   Finish 1 .  There is also a white store label about 1/2” square   “La Salle & Koch
Co.    $4.95.   The console is cream color , Grecian style with scalloped top and it is pedestalled.  It  measures 15″L – 7″W – 5″H (at center) and 8 1/2″H (at ends).
There are 2 tiny pin holes on each end that do not go all the way through to
the inside, just under the “ears”.  The LaSalle & Koch Co. I found out was an upscale department store that opened about 1918  I believe in Columbus Oh., later purchased by Macy’s.  Is it an authentic Redwing?   How old is it and what would be it’s approx.
value?   Thanks for any help you can give me.   Ma;ry Ann E


Answer: Mary

yes, this is Red Wing, from around 1939.  Nice to have the original
stickers.  Value is around 50.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose