3 gallon Red Wing Water Cooler with lid

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Attached is a photo of a Red Wing Stoneware water cooler along with the lid. Just above the spigot it says “Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing Minn. There are no marks on the inside or outside bottom.

I’m wondering if the lid is the correct one for the cooler. It doesn’t fit snugly. The lid’s outside diameter is 9 3/4″ and 7″ on the underside (see photo). The inside diameter of the cooler is 8 1/2″.

I’m also interested in the value. Thank you for any help!




Dan, your Red Wing water cooler with lid in perfect condition is valued around $500 in perfect condition.  The lid is the correct lid and they are not suppose to fit snugly.  Red Wing always made their lids a bit smaller than their coolers so the could be interchanged with other coolers of the same gallon-age.  Al Kohlman