Red Wing Water Cooler Sizes

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I am interest in a red wing water cooler.  What
sizes were they made in and what size is the most sought after.  What
price should I pay for one that would be in good to excellent condition? Tim


Answer: Tim,
Red Wing water coolers came in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 10 gallon sizes.
They also came in hand turned, molded, 2″ , 4″ & 6″
wing sizes with all demanding different values.  The small wings have
lower values than the larger wings.  Hand turned coolers also have a
higher value than those that were molded.  So. it will be you as the
collector to pick what is the most striking to you that fits into your budget.
Most collectors (including myself) like to start out with the smaller
coolers.  With the 2 gallon coolers being some of the most expensive, they
start with a 3 gallon cooler.  With all of this being said, a 3 gallon
molded cooler with a 2″ wing, lid & spigot with a little haggling
should be within reach at $600.  Al Kohlman