Dynasty line


We are just wondering the value of this set of dinnerware. Also how to find interested buyers

1 pitcher

1 platter

1 casserole dish

1 casserole dish with cover

1 gravy bowl

1 sugar and creamer

1 salt or pepper shaker

11 dinner plates

11 salad plates

4 dessert plates

8 bowls

9 saucers

9 cups

12 dessert bowls

Feel free to e mail any questions or need anymore info.

Thank You




Red Wing introduced the Dynasty line in 1950.  The line included two patterns that were identical except for the colors, Plum Blossom Yellow and Plum Blossom Pink.  These patterns were produced from 1950 to 1953.  The pink version is more difficult to find than yellow and thus has a bit more value than the yellow version.


The photo shows a sizeable collection of Plum Blossom Yellow dinnerware.  It appears to have originally been a service for 12 but a few pieces have been lost or broken over the years.  This would be an excellent starting point for a collector interested in building a complete set, assuming the collection is in good condition.  “Book value” for this collection is over $500 but it’s unlikely a buyer would pay that much.  Large dinnerware sets don’t attract much interest from collectors unless it is one of the “hot” patterns, and this is not one of them.  $250 to $300 would be a more realistic value for this collection.

Individually, the pitcher and covered casserole have the most value, around $50 each.  The platter, gravy boat, and sugar & creamer are worth about $25 each.  The bowls, plates, cups and saucers are worth $7 to $12 each.  All values assume excellent condition; any damage reduces the value considerably.