2013 Convention Commemorative Announced

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As done in recent years, the Red Wing Collectors Society once again produced three different versions of the Commemorative in 2013. Versions A and B respectively made up 90 and 9 percent of the total production. Only 37 pieces of the Version C Commemorative were made to match the Convention’s 37th Anniversary. Members did not know which version they would receive until they opened their box at Convention or received their piece in the mail.

The 2013 Commemorative is a Red Wing Stoneware Bulldog. Red Wing’s animals date back to the mid 1880s. The bulldogs were listed in an 1885 company price list as selling for 18 cents each. Some speculate that they were intended to be toys.

Version A is the standard Red Wing brown Albany slip color. Versions B and C are glazed to match colors that are occasionally found on the bulldog. Version B is white with black highlights. Version C is two-toned brown.

An original Red Wing bulldog was used as the model to make the master mold. Thus, when the Commemoratives came out of the mold, they were the same size as the original dog. Once fired, they ended up being about 15 percent smaller than the original due to clay drying and shrinking.

The Special Commemorative is a completely handmade cow and calf statue. These were originally sold for 40 cents according to the 1885 price list. Eighteen Specials were crafted; half are Albany slip brown and signed “Red Wing Collectors Society” and the other half are white with black spots and are unsigned. All are back-stamped “RWCS July 11-13, 2013.” The white and black versions were given out as awards for display winners. The brown versions were given away as prizes and various drawings. One of each was also silent-auctioned in the Commemorative Room.

KidsView commissioned 15 bulldogs. The KidsView pieces are white with colored polka dots. These pieces were auctioned off in a variety of ways with the proceeds supporting KidsView.

For the first time in the history of the RWCS, the Society commissioned an accessory piece to complement the 2013 Commemorative. Also made by Maple City Pottery, the premium piece was a replica of the dog food dish once made by the Red Wing Potteries. These were only available to members who attended Convention; they could be preordered for $10 and a limited quantity was available for purchase onsite for $15.

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