Red Wing 2 with lid, Salt glaze double P, 5 gallon shoulder jug



I recently purchased these three crocks for my father-in-law at an estate sale because I know he collects Red Wing stoneware.  Can you give me a rough estimate of origin/time period/value?

#1: Red Wing Crock #2 with lid

#2: Crock (Red Wing?)#9

#3: Red Wing Jug #5

Thanks for help



Ted, your first Red Wing crock is a 2 gallon with lid that
was produced between 1909 & 1930.  Value on just the lid is between
$100 & $125, Crock  $50 to $70.

The second crock is a Red Wing salt glazed crock called a
double P.  It is a 2 gallon that was produced between 1867 &
1895   Value is between $125 & $135.

Last is a 5 gallon Red Wing shoulder jug.  It was
produced between 1917 & 1930.  Value is in the area of $75. All
values are for perfect pieces.   Al Kohlman