Red Wing 20 gallon salt glazed leaf crock


This is a salt glaze crock. It has one small chip on the handle no cracks. We have owned it for about 50 years and bought it from a person we think bought it new. We would like to know the value and how to best sell it?
Chuck and Dixie


Chuck & Dixie, your Red Wing 20 gallon salt glazed leaf crock would have a value around $1000 not being signed.  It could go for a little more or a little less but that is close ball park value with today’s economy.  If your are Red Wing members, the best way to sell it would be in the Red Wing Auction in the July Convention.   If you are not a member, you could join for $25.  The second would be craigslist, with local pickup.  You would not want to pay for shipping & insurance on this beast.   Hope this helps.  Al Kohlman