12 gallon birch, 4 and 10 gallon Red Wing’s


Recently my mother-in-law was wanting to get rid of some “crocks” that my father-in-law had bought but that they never used.  I told her I’d take four of them.  I thought she only had plain old crocks but these were made by Red Wing so I went on the internet and found your site.  I was wondering if you can tell me what you think they may be worth.  I received two 4 gal. crocks and 1-10 gal. and 1-12 gal.  I am attaching some pictures I took of each and will give you some details I’ve noticed about them.  The 12 gal. has a metal ring around the bottom, somewhat rusty and was wondering what this particular crock may have been used for.  Following are some details of each crock:

4 gal. – in really good shape but has a chip around the side of the top rim;

4 gal – in really good shape but has a small chip in the rim as well

10 gal. – appears in good shape and seems to have one original handle but the other handle is some form of replacement;

12 gal. – appears in really good shape except for a small crack on the inside and rusty metal ring

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I was going to use the crocks as flower pots but now I don’t think I want to take the risk of them fading or getting damaged.


Renee, the two 4 gallon Red Wing crocks with the chips have a value in the area of $35 to $40.  The 12 gallon Red Wing birch leaf crock with the crack in the back is in the $40 range.  The 10 gallon Red Wing with the 6 inch wing in perfect condition even minus the handle is valued around $150.  Al Kohlman