Red WIng 1014, 1015, and 1016

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I have had these pieces for a long time and decided it was time to find out something about them and what they are worth.

Picture #1014  The yellow speckled pc is 3-1/2x7x4 in tall.  Bottom is stamped Red Wing USA M-1549. It has a very small hairline crack.  Cream colored tulip shape pot is about 4-1/2 dia x 5 in tall and marked Red Wing 894.  No chips or cracks.

Picture #1015  Maroon/gray 7 in sq x 5 in tall  I can see it marked as Red Wing USA, but cannot see the number.  There is a small ¼” hole in the bottom.  Don’t know if that was how it was made or if someone did that later.

Picture #1016  Yellow decorated, 4-1/2 x 11 x 4-1/2 tall.  Not sure if this is RW or not.  It has a stamped ink marking( pic #1018) that says Red Wing Art Pottery on the bottom

I am a wanna-be collector and just pick up random pcs when I see them, but have no idea about these.  Thanks for your help.



#1014 both are worth around 20.00 or so
#1015, an anniversary line piece, around 20.00, the drill hole must have been done later
#1016  an early form, around 1930, window box, value around 60.00 or so.
thanks, steve n rose