Colonnes items


I spoke to Stacy at the office about a week ago regarding a small collection of Red Wing (Colonnes pattern) that we are looking to sell.  The pictures aren’t the best, but hopefully you get the idea of the condition the pieces are in.

Shown are as follows:


4 – cups

1 – gravy boat

1 – creamer

1 – sugar bowl

1 – large serving platter

1 – serving bowl

1 – divided serving bowl

1 – relish dish

7 – bowls

2 – saucers

2 – salad plates


We would appreciate any (and all) feedback.  We live in central Wisconsin and are willing to travel to Red Wing if the price is worth driving for.  I can be reached at any time at, 715-209-5172.


Thanks in advance,



Thank you for including the photos of your Colonnes items. While some chips are evident, the photos don’t provide enough detail to assess them for damage such as hairlines, flakes and small nicks.  Photos can help but a complete and honest description of any damage is even more helpful.  Condition is best viewed through the eyes of a potential buyer as some have a greater tolerance for damage than others.

The following values are for Colonnes pieces in mint condition.  Any damage will reduce the value significantly, by 25 to 75% or more depending on the extent of the damage and the location.   

Cup:  $10-12

Saucer:  $10-12
Gravy boat: $30-40
Creamer:  $25-30
Sugar bowl: $25-30
Platter:  $35-45
Nappy (serving bowl):  $25-30
Divided vegetable bowl:  $25-30
Relish dish:  $25-30 
Bowl (cereal or sauce):  $10-20
Salad plate:  $15-20