Red Wing one gallon crock


I was recently given my great grandmothers red wing ! gallon crock pot with lid.  It has not seen the light of day in 70 years.  My grandmother had it stored away in her home and then my mother.  No one has ever used it or displayed it. There are no chips in the pot and only a small hairline crack in in the handle of the lid.  My mother figures it circa 1910.  I have attached a picture of the lid and the crock.

Can you plea shed some light on the value of this piece?

Thank you,



Laurie, your grandmothers Red Wing one gallon crock is quite hard to find in perfect condition and with the larger 4 1/2 inch wing.  Value is between $400 & $450.  It’s lid with the hairline has a value around $50.   Nice little find for you!  Al Kohlman