Red Wing Duck Planter 914

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I’d love to find out more about this piece that I just bought at a thrift store auction.  I was not familiar with Red Wing pottery before I made the purchase.  I love the color and the design. It is in great condition.  I’d like to collect more!

 It is a turquoise or teal colored, duck planter. Stamped “Red Wing 914” on the bottom (photos attached). Measurements are approximately:
 5”H x 7”L x 4”W

Open back measuring 3 ½” x 3”

Is it authentic Red Wing?  I was afraid b/c after researching your site, I saw another piece also numbered 914 (female centaur, bronze line graze.) If mine is real, when was it made, was it a part of a series, what is its approximate value today?  Thank you so much!


neat little planter.  this dates to around 1939.  sometimes the numbers were used over, for a different shape.  this is pretty common practice.  Value is around 80.00 or so.  thanks, steve n rose