RWCS Newsletter April issue – Belle Kogan additional article photos

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The April issue of the RWCS Newsletter features memories from RWCS Member Bernie Banet, who is the nephew of famed industrial designer Belle Kogan. Kogan designed more than 400 pieces for the Red Wing Potteries between 1938 and 1964. In addition to their memories, Bernie and his wife, Barb, shared many photos of their collection. We couldn’t begin to include all of these images with the story, so the Banets were kind enough to allow us to post them here on the RWCS website. The beautiful color photos of the Banets and their collection were taken by Susan Ayer. The black & white and color images of Kogan are courtesy of Bernie and Barb.

  Belle Kogan 1955 Belle Kogan portrait year unkown
Several pieces from Kogan’s Red Wing Prismatique line
A portion of the Banet’s Red Wing items designed by Belle Kogan handsomely displayed on a period shelf.
Red Wing 416 vase in mold
Red Wing #B2006 Tropicana Line Bird of Paradise vase in Chartreuse glaze
Red Wing #B1426 vase in Copper glaze
Red Wing #B1407 in Luster Burgundy glaze
Red Wing #1433 vase in Copper glaze
Red Wing #934 Luster Green-lined Terra Craft Line vase
Red Wing #845 vase from the Belle Line
Red Wing #795 Prismatique vase in Persian Blue glaze
Red Wing #757 vase
Red Wing #213 Apple and #219 Pear from Gypsy Trail dinnerware line
More pieces from Kogan’s Prismatique line
Kogan Luster Burgundy glaze
Kogan Red Wing items in Copper glaze. Top to bottom – #B1426, #B1418 and #B1418 A, #B1409 with #B2316 and #B1409, #B1433 and #B1416.
A variety of Red Wing items designed by Belle Kogan in the Banet’s collection.
Barb & Bernie Banet in their modern living room, surrounded by Red Wing pottery designed by Belle Kogan and an illustration of a glass buffalo she drew and used when pitching the design to a manufacturer.
Bernie Banet chats with his Aunt Belle Kogan in Israel in 1992
Barb Banet (right) speaks with Belle Kogan at her 90th birthday party in 1992
Belle Kogan at Turtle Terrace, N. Quaker Hill, NY
Belle Kogan at IDI dinner 1942
Belle Kogan and baby Bernie Banet 1944
Belle Kogan 1955 – Age 90