Rumrill 554 candlesticks, possible Manhattan group, circa 1937

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I am not a member of your organization but I hope you won’t mind a question regarding a painter/decorator who I assume worked at Red Wing during the 1930’s.  I recently found a pair of candlesticks which are marked with an impressed 654 RUMRILL and the following in orange paint:  Painted By Myrtle Hunt Nov 13th 1937.  Since the base of the pieces appear to be akin to greenware or unglazed pottery I assume each piece was handpainted by someone at Red Wing or did Red Wing ship these to AK and have a RUMRILL employee paint them?
I would greatly appreciate any information or resource leads regarding these pieces.
Sincerely yours,

Since writing to you I realized that the impressed model # is not 654 but rather 554 which I assume corresponds to the Rumrill Manhattan Line produced in the mid-30’s.  Also given that they were made in solid colors I suspect what I have found is likely akin to folk art rather than a factory product.  Regardless, I would welcome your thoughts.



I am assuming these are cold paint decorations, not under glaze.  But you are right, Manhattan group, circa 1937.  Not sure if she was a factory employee or not…  still kind of interesting, none the less.  If they are under glaze, value around 100.00 or so, if not, maybe 45.00.  thanks, steve n rose