Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler, hand turned

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As others who have asked for help, I am seeking information from the experts about this Redwing Water Cooler. It has a “4” stamped on inside bottom of crock so  I assume it means 4 gallons.

Other than a significant chip on lid, the set is in great condition. I assume this is original lid to this crock, a 4 is imprinted in the top of lid on “petal” along with a “W” on next petal. Same blue stripes match the crock.

As you can see on the back there is a black streak, it is in the glaze, a drip from a bubble(?) in the glaze.  So it is original mark not something that happened years later. Not sure if this is “points off” on value.

I am almost certain my great grandparents were original owners of this crock so it has huge sentimental value. Great Grandfather homesteaded in area of Billings, MT in 1881 before MT was a state, just a territory.  Of course we will treasure this no matter what antique or collector value may be. From what I can piece together it is a hand thrown piece? Unique in that way, but I’m having trouble understanding year(s) it was possibly made & would like to know value… So if a family member should break it, I’d know how long to morn! I have several antiques & love to learn the history & craftsmanship that goes into them.

Also I would really like an original (or replica) spigot so we can use this crock. I found one locally that may work but its black & therefore doesn’t look right. I would appreciate contact info to trustworthy resource for original spigot I heard is available at conventions, since I’m not able to be there in person.

I hope these pictures come through with email since I am sending this from my cellphone.
Thank you for your time & information. All is greatly appreciated!



Lynae, you are correct on your Red Wing water cooler being hand turned.  Your Red Wing 4 gallon water cooler was produced between 1909 & 1915.  The value on just your water cooler with the turkey dripping on the back is in the area of $400.  Now the lid is a Red Wing water cooler lid, however it has the bar handle (later version).  The correct lid  for your hand turned cooler would be the button lid.  A perfect button lid has a value between $700 & $800.  Your bar handle lid if it were in perfect condition would be $350.  However, with the chip, that value drops to around $100.  The correct spigot would be a push button “Central” spigot.  You can find them on eBay or at the Red Wing convention and they sell for around $50.   Hope all of this was helpful.  Al Kohlman