Bowl serving set, marked Red Wing, speckle brown


I’m a new Red Wing collectors member.  I have a set of Red Wing that I believe to be Eva Zeisel, Town and Country.  We bought it at auction and that is the way it was presented.  I currently have it for sale on one of the Internet sites, and a viewer is telling me that the set is not Eva Zeisel.  Could you take a look at the photo’s attached please, and perhaps provide me more information about whether this is Town and Country or not?  Thanks in advance.  I’d also like to know what it might be worth – I estimated but it would be great to have an expert opinion.  One piece does have a hairline crack that goes all the way through the bowl.


The Town & Country dinnerware pattern was the only design that Eva Zeisel produced for Red Wing Potteries.  The items in the photos are not from the Town & Country pattern and were not designed by Eva Zeisel.  Town & Country pieces were not marked, not were they available with the beige fleck glaze.  Most likely they were designed by Charles Murphy.   Red Wing made a number of pieces with three legs in the late 1950s, and the beige fleck glaze was popular from the mid 1950s through the end of production in 1967.  They are not part of any Red Wing dinnerware line, so I am not familiar with them.  I’d guess the value to be $30 to $40 for the large bowl and $10 to $20 for the small bowls, but that is only an educated guess.