Desert pattern, Fancy Free line


Hello!  I recently came across a set of a bowl, plate and saucer with the Red Wing mark on the bottom.  Some of the edges have some small dings hut no cracks or major problems.  I then found a small teacup that seemed to match the design but had no markings on the bottom. I was wondering if this is a match and if so what might this set be worth?  Many thanks, meredith


The cactus-themed Desert pattern is very popular with collectors and not easy to find. Desert was one of two pattern in the Fancy Free line, the other was Caprice. The Fancy Free patterns were designed by Belle Kogan, a well-known designer from New York who produced many art pottery designs for Red Wing and also a few dinnerware patterns. Fancy Free plates and bowls featured a rolled rim that was very susceptible to chipping. Pieces in mint condition are scarce. These patterns were introduced in 1952 and were made for only a brief period, thus they are rather scarce today.

The photo shows a cup and saucer from the Desert pattern as well as two bowls. No dimensions were provided for the bowls, so I cannot be sure which of the four bowl sizes are represented here. 

Cup & saucer:  $30 to $40

Fruit dish 5.5 inches: $20-30

Cereal bowl 6×7 inches: $25-35

Rim Soup bowl 8 inches: $30-40

Nappy 9 inches:  $50-60

All values are for items in excellent, undamaged condition.  Damage reduces the value by 25 to 75% or more, depending on the extent and location of the damage.