1 gallon Red Wing crock with the large 4 1/2 inch wing

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I recently discovered this crockpot my father gave to me. I have no idea where he got it.
It is one gal. in size and has no markings of any kind that I can see other than the red wing as shown on the picture. It is in reasonably good condition with one or two chips on the out side. The outside is smooth with a lot of imperfections in actual material. The top edge is a darker brown colour the rest is a light tan colour. The lid is in excellant condition and has a round knob which is slightly rounded on top. The bottom is a light brown colour and is not glazed.
I would appreciate any info you can give me about this pot regards


Brad, your 1 gallon Red Wing crock with the large 4 1/2 inch wing was produced between 1909 & 1930.  The lid on your crock is not Red Wing and therefore I have no value on it.  With the few dings I can see on your crock (make sure there is not hairlines or cracks), the value is between $300 & $350.  One gallon Red Wing crocks with this large wing can be a tough fine.

  Al Kohlman