Village Green new in box


I was wondering if someone can give me some information. I was cleaning in my grandma’s basement and came across a box of Redwing Pottery. There are 8 small boxes inside the bigger box in the picture’s. There is a dinner plate, salad plate, and a cup and saucer in each smaller box. Can you tell me how old these might be? It says Village Green on the bottom of the box? Do they have any value? Is it rare to see them still in their original boxes. I don’t think they were ever used, but I can’t be sure. I look forward to hearing back from you….thank you in advance.


The Village Green pattern was introduced in 1952 and was made until Red Wing Potteries closed in 1967.  Village Green was a very popular pattern in its day and is still popular with collectors today.  One place setting that consists of a dinner plate, a salad plate, and a cup and saucer would be worth around $25-30 if all items are in mint condition. 

The cardboard box that is marked Village Green probably has some value but without a photo or detailed description I cannot evaluate it.  What other markings are on the box and how is the Village Green name applied? An original Red Wing Potteries box with company logos and markings and with the Village Green stamped on it in black ink would be worth $40-60 in excellent condition.  Poor condition would reduce the value.  A plain cardboard box with Village Green written on it in black marker would be worth nothing.  The small boxes are apparently not marked at all so they would have little or no value.  Again, a photo is needed to evaluate them.