King of Tarts Cookie Jar Blue


I have a Red Wing “King of Tarts” Cookie Jar – picture attached.  It’s blue speckled with black crown, scepter and the word “tarts”.  It’s in mint condition — no chips, cracks or other defects of any kind.

I’m wondering what the value would be?  Also, what would be the best way to reach the type of person that would pay the estimated value?

Thank you,



The King of Tarts cookie jar was produced in several of Red Wing’s “fleck” glazes in the mid 1950s.  Fleck blue, fleck pink and fleck yellow jars with black covers and trim were made.  A King of Tarts cookie jar in one of the fleck colors is not as valuable as the earlier multicolored King of Tarts jars, but they are still very popular with collectors.  A fleck blue jar in excellent condition (no damage or staining) would be worth $350-450.