Van Briggle: bowl and frog, shell and tulip vases

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I have a few pieces of Red Wing Pottery, and while reading your website, noticed that the Splittgerber’s also know about Van Briggle pottery!  It’s my lucky day!  My mother gave me three pieces of Van Briggle that were my grandmother’s and while I’ve been able to find information about them, I’m not certain what they are worth.  Of course, they are priceless to me, as they were my grandmother’s, but more information about them would be nice.  I’ve attached photos of them.  The last two, I think are pretty run of the mill.  But the first one (planter with frog) looks like it was signed by Anna Van Briggle.  I hope you can see the signature, as it is very faint.  In the last four photos, I’ve tried to capture her signature. It says, “Anna Van Briggle Colo Springs”. I’ve not seen examples of her signature. I’m wondering when they were made and their value. They are all in mint condition, without any chips or cracks. Thanks for all you do!



I love van briggle questions!  the bowl and frog are from the 1955-68 timeframe, it was just a new marking they came up with, (anna van)  most were done in the gloss glazes.  value around 40.00.  the shell and tulip vase are from the 40”s-60’s eras, so they were probably all bought at the same time.  the shell is worth around 50.00, as is the tulip vase.  thanks, steve n rose