816 Hanging Planter, 1593 candleholders, and M-5007 compote

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Several years back, I attended an auction where a large amount of Red Wing pottery and stoneware was sold.  I was taken by the beauty of the Artware, and purchased about 15 pieces, attempting to span different lines, and still stay within some semblance of a budget.  I now have Bronze Line, Chromoline, 2300 anniversary, etc.; however, I am stumped to find any information on two of my items / set:


(1)           #816 basketweave hanging planter (which I love).  It measures about 9” tall, not counting the chain etc. and 5-3/4” in diameter, with the planter bowl about 4”deep.  The glaze is a bisque or matte brown on the basketweave areas and a glossy chartreuse on the remainder.  


(2)          A three piece set with #1593 candleholders and an M-5007 compote. The candleholders are 4-3/4” in diameter and 1-3/4” tall.  The compote is 7” in diameter and 4-1/2” tall. The pinkish beige glaze is unique, in that it is not a solid finish, more like a pigment that was mixed in and not completely dissolved (I’m sorry that is a terrible description, but the best I can come up with). Any help will be appreciated.


We still have family in Minnesota, and after watching your video, a visit to your museum is a must for the next trip north.  We currently live in north Florida, and we do not see Red Wing down here, so I enjoy showing it off. Perhaps if I join we can learn more through the newsletter, and maybe attend a summer function.


Thanks again,



the 816 hanging planter is from 1962, value around 45.00 or so.  the candleholders and compote, date to the mid to late fifties.  I am assuming these are in the fleck glazes, pink with specks in them.  Value for the set is around 50.00.
thanks, steve n rose