3 Mason Fruit Jars and 4 gallon and 5 gallon water coolers





I purchased the 3 Mason Fruit Jars at a market this past weekend.

Could you help me determine the true value of these?

All three are in super condition, very clean on the inside. No hairline cracks. No chipping at all on the opening. Quart, 2 quart and gallon size. If you could also help me with the water coolers too that would be great. 4 gallon and 5 gallon. Also very clean, no cracks of any kind. 


Thank you so much 



Barb, both your 4 & 5 gallon Red Wing water coolers would have a value in the area of $600 each (which includes the lids & spigots) if in perfect condition.  Your Red Wing Stone Mason jars are as follows.  1/2 & quart $225 each.  The one gallon Mason jar has a value between $700 to $850.   Al Kohlman